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Friday, March 06, 2009

Couponing with Kerry at Shaws


Starting Friday Shaw’s has some great deals running. Most bloggers post simple deals to help people get started, but not me. I am going to let you into my brain for a brief moment and share with you the great detail that goes into my thoughts.

Enter at your own risk, and please keep your hands and especially your feet away from my gray matter.

The deal that I am the most excited about is the spend $25.00 get $10.00 back.

This works out to 40% back. The “trick” is that the $25 is calculated on the pre-sale prices, not the prices in the add. So the game plan is to literally pay 40% of the shelf price using sales and coupons, making your purchases free.

Here is an example. The Arnold bread. Presale price varies from store to store, but on average is about $3.99. It is on sale for $2.50, and there are coupons available for .55 off one loaf that will double to $1.10, making the final price $1.40. Presale price $3.99 down to $1.40, about 35%, which is below our goal of 40%. Essentially this item will be free.

Even if the final price is above the 40% of retail, when Shaw’s is running a promotion with 40% back, most things will be a good deal. Let me give you an example without even using coupons.

Capri Sun. Shelf price of $2.79. Sale price of $2.00. Nine of them will reach the $25.00 minimum based on the shelf price and will cost $18. You will get back a coupon for $10, so you are really only paying $8 for 9 of these boxes.

These coupons can be “rolled”. That means if you happen to have 6 of the Arnold bread coupons and buy 6 loaves of bread, and one cup of Kraft Easy Mac (this is what they call a filler item*). The bread will cost $15, plus another $1 for the Kraft Cup, minus $6.60 in coupons. Total cost $9.40, get back $10.00.

Now you can take that $10.00 coupon and do the same deal over again, or buy the 9 Capri Sun boxes for $8.00, or mix it up. You can mix and match any of the items included in the buy $25 get $10 sale.

The important thing is to pay attention to the shelf prices and make sure the items that you are buying total more than $25 so you get back the $10.

* There are two kinds of filler items. The first is when you need a small amount more to qualify toward the amount needed to get the reward. Make sure you get a qualifying item (something included in the sale).

The second is when you need to use up “overage”. If you tried to do the bread transaction more than once you would owe $9.40 and in order to pay with the $10 coupon you need to add in an item for that extra 60 cents. Bananas make great fillers!


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