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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pre Vegas


Katherine needed a refill on her meds, so off to the pharmacy I went. The insurance is broken. I decided to go home and call, then come back the following morning.

Gary was having some issues that led him to the emergency room. After many hours it was determined that the most likely issue was a side effect from some medication that he was taking. He still had the problems, but knowing the cause was a huge relief. He was advised to take some over the counter meds.

Back to the pharmacy. Insurance still broken. Decide to come back later in the day.

Noah’s tooth pain became severe, so we got him in for an emergency dental visit. Bad news, he needs a root canal. Ugh. In the mean time we were given some antibiotics to clear up the infection.

To the pharmacy. Again. Insurance still broken. Pay out of pocket without the hope of reimbursement for his, still need to return for Katherine’s, she still has a few pills left at home.

Matthew developes an ear infection. I called the pediatricians office, but it was after “sick hour” so we needed to wait until the next day to be seen. Ugh. During the night his pain was unmanageable and we ended up in the emergency room again. They did send him home with his prescription, which was very nice.

Later that night Molly was inconsolable. We waited until morning to bring her into the doctors office because I was able to keep her fairly comfortable, and she already had an appointment scheduled. The doctor confirmed an ear infection. Plane ride in just 24 hours…what to do? They offered her an inter muscular injection to clear it up, but I was concerned about contributing to resistant bacteria so we opted for the good old liquid. If we got her started right away, we should be okay.

The pediatrician also noted that Matthew’s prescription was not enough, so she changed it. We seemed to be a on a roll with medicine, so I also had her issue a new script for Noah in liquid form.

Off to pharmacy. Again. Insurance fixed for some people, not all. Worried about having all kinds of liquids that require refrigeration. How will we get through security at the airport? Kerry comes up with the brilliant plan to get the meds un mixed. This confuses the hell out of the pharmacy people. We have the same conversation at least three times, with the added bonus of asking that all the distilled water for mixing be packaged in 2 ounce containers so we can pass through security.

I lost count of how many times we were back and forth to the pharmacy that day, but 8 seems about right.

Noah was still in extreme pain, so back to the dentist. He (the dentist) really believed that we just needed to keep waiting. Oh what fun.

In the midst of all this chaos, I threw out my back. I was in excruciating pain and pooping Tylenol and Advil like they were breath mints. I was able to get in last minute with the chiropractor and his adjustment did take the edge off of the pain, thankfully

The grand plan was to pack up the car, put everyone to bed, then wake up at 12:30 am and leave the house at 1. The actual course of events was more like excited children bouncing off the walls until being corralled into the car at 1.

12 pieces of HUGE luggage to be checked, 7 carry on bags, 5 children, and two strollers.

I brought Lysol wipes for the plane to protect us from other people’s germs. It occurred to me that I should be passing out wipes to other passengers to protect them from us. Did I mention that everyone had a cold? Oops.

The pilot was nice enough to take these pictures for us.


Tudu said...

WOW! I thought they didn't let anyone up there anymore. That is really cool.
We are right there with you on the colds, ear infections, and ridiculously large amounts of time at the pharmacy.

Stimey said...

That is absolutely incredible. I don't think I've ever been to the pharmacy more than twice in a day.

Great photos!