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Saturday, November 15, 2008


1.) When Joshua was a baby, what did we call him?
a.) Ju Ju Bear

2.) How old was Joshua when he had his first run in with the law?
a.) 2

I wanted to take a shower, so I sat little Joshua in front of the television with Barney as a babysitter. When I got out of the shower I sang out some stupid Barney tune to Joshua, and he didn't answer. Right at that moment I could hear someone knocking on the door, but I couldn't hear the dog barking. I thought maybe it was something other than barking. Then I heard it again, distinct knocking. Hmm. I went out, in my towel to find a police officer at the door holding my small child!

Joshua had undone three separate locks on the back door to let the dog out. Then presumably he ran after her. I think he told us he was trying to get her back. A neighbor grabbed him just as a police officer was driving by. She was the epitome of a nosy neighbor. She could have just brought him back to me without the drama, but that was SO NOT her style. I am however grateful that she didn't just watch him walk by.

That day I remember feeling terrified that someone would be coming to take away my kids that afternoon. The police officer was great and told me not to worry, this type of thing happened all the time.

And it pales in comparison to the time I found him on the roof shortly after. Sigh.

3.) What is Joshua's favorite animal?

Which is how he came about his favorite country.

4.) Joshua's first hospitalization was when he was 18 months old. Why?
c.) allergies

This was awful. He had severe allergies and even reacted when he was strictly breastfed. The doctors refused allergy testing stating that he was far too young for accurate results. He wasn't gaining weight well and his doctor wanted us to boost his fat by adding oil to whatever he was eating and finding high calorie foods, such as nuts. Frequently when we gave him food he would break out in a rash. It happened ALL THE TIME.

I sat little Joshua in his highchair with some Trader Joe's hot cereal with pecans. I was keeping an eye on him, but not paying close attention. Gary said, "Kerry, there is something wrong with the baby!" As he is prone to over reacting (as I am prone to under reacting) I said, "Yeah, he's getting a rash, isn't he?" "Something is REALLY wrong with the baby!" he insisted. He was right. Joshua's head had swollen up like a basketball.

Joshua was rushed to the ER and spent a night being observed. They then sent him in for a full allergy work up. He was allergic to nuts, dairy, wheat, gosh, I can't even remember now all the things he couldn't eat. He COULD eat shrimp and corn, and frozen shrimp and broccoli was his favorite meal when he was little.

5.) What was playing on television when Joshua was born?
a.) Saturday night live with Robin Williams

The doctor was watching it and talking about what a comedic genuis Robin William was. I was in no position to disagree. I also remember Will Ferrel dancing in that cheerleader bit. haha

6.) What is Joshua's favorite country?

see above

7.) How did Joshua break his arm?
b.) Tripping while rollerblading

He hit a break in the driveway. He was in so much pain, poor kid. He told the ER staff that he had never been in so much pain in his life! He had to have his arm surgically reset.

8.) What is Joshua afraid of?
c.) Heights

HA! Tell that to his 2 year old self who liked to climb to the top of every bookshelf and even onto the roof!

The winner, with the most correct answers is my Dad, who entered via email. I told him that he couldn't win because he didn't leave a comment, and he pointed out that I did not have any disclaimers against email submissions. Sigh.

He answered:

letter M

While he certainly looses points for teapot (What the heck? Teapot? Seriously?) he did get the letter M, star, and pineapple, even if he doesn't have a clue what they mean. haha


heather said...


I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your family is. :-) I have one son who is 21 months old and adopted and we are on the list for more...I know it will happen one day.

I don't know if your son still has food allergies, but my son is allergic to soy, peanuts, eggs, wheat and dairy. I started a website www.spewdfree.com to help other people who have food allergies. I thought you might be interested.



Christine said...

You won my contest!! Shoot me your mailing address: christinemoers[at]hotmail[dot]com