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Friday, November 14, 2008


You will all be happy to know that my shopping spree has come to an end...new sales start today.

My partner in crime and I drove 30 minutes last night to the big city as our local store was all out of soup, and NO, I can't even IMAGINE who bought all the soup, why do you ask?

It turns out the big store was out of soup as well, and I hadn't even been there. :) We stood around for about 20 minutes contemplating driving even further to anther store, then wandered around for another 20 to see if we could put together a different deal. Another 20 minutes was spent dealing with the effects of trying something that didn't work, then another 20 minutes deciding to just buy some stuff and pay a little per transaction, then another 20 doing math, then another 20 dealing with a screw up, and then it was time to leave.

So maybe I kind of understand why this could be intimidating to some of you.

Earlier in the day we were able to make another donation from the cans procured the day before, so I really can't complain. Here is the picture of that donation. I believe that was 63 cans. The shelter people asked if we wanted a job. teehee

There had been a deal that gave $5 off the "gift card mall" so I was able to procure $30 worth of free apple money. SWEET! I'll be giving them to Joshua tonight at his birthday party.



daria said...

The end is so sad!

In all I ran the ConAgra deal 7 times. I have about a years worth of Hunts tomatoes and quite a bit of Healthy Choice soup, which I will keep and eat since its Weight Watchers friendly.

I ran the General Mills deal 4 times. I have 33 boxes of cereal to share with family and the needy (I'll keep a few). I ended up with 4 free milk coupons, so I'm going to make cheese, woo hoo!

I ran the Kraft deal once and will be buying my turkey at the Waterville Shaw's.

So for all the food I got as part of the deal: cereal, crackers (8 boxes), mac'n'cheese (4 boxes), 4 frozen entrees, tomatoes, soup, plus all the food I got that wasn't part of the deal (pie and ice cream, yogurt, coffee, pie filling, etc.) I spent about $112. I probably have $400-500 worth of food. That's probably not as well as you did, but it's pretty good!!

daria said...

Oh, and I still have $25 in scrip left to put toward Thanksgiving groceries. Could be a lot worse!