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Thursday, November 13, 2008


1.) What time was it when Noah was born?

a.) 7:58 AM

2.) When Noah was 3, what did he think his last name was?

b.) Noodle - We used to call him Noah Noodle, then Newt for short.

3.) When Noah was 2, what did he say to the baby chicks?

c.) Hi, Chicken Nuggets! Hi, Chicken Nuggets!

4.) What is Noah’s favorite animal?

a.) Panda

5.) Where was Noah born?

c.) At home - My first home birth

6.) Something on Noah is not real. What is it? His front tooth. He recently fell while "surfing" down a hill on a piece of cardboard. The poor kid had his root exposed for weeks while they waited to see if he needed a root canal before creating a false tooth.

Immediately before the fall.

7.) One time Noah cut himself on barbed wire and needed stitches. Where on his body is his scar?

a.) Knee - We had to (choose to...our babysitter would have been happy to take him herself) leave our MAPP training to take him to the hospital. That event went into our homestudy as "Could not complete training due to childcare issues".

That was fun. I should create a quiz for each kid. Maybe even with prizes from my shopping stash!

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