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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Joshua is now 13. Holy freaking cow! I am the mother of a teenager. Deep, cleansing breaths, Kerry! In and out.

(The pancakes say Josh 13 and that blob is a flower, although he thought it was a star or he never would have let it touch his plate)

In honor of his birthday I'll do another questionnaire. I will send chocolate to whoever answers the most questions correctly. And then everyone should send me chocolate because HOLY FREAKING COW I AM THE MOTHER OF A TEENAGER!!!!

Here goes:

1.) When Joshua was a baby, what did we call him?
a.) Ju Ju Bear
b.) Baby Cakes
c.) Joshy

2.) How old was Joshua when he had his first run in with the law?
a.) 2
b.) 6
c.) 10

3.) What is Joshua's favorite animal?

4.) Joshua's first hospitalization was when he was 18 months old. Why?
a.) broken leg
b.) asthma
c.) allergies

5.) What was playing on television when Joshua was born?
a.) Saturday night live with Robin Williams
b.) The Patriots at The Jets
c.) Seinfield

6.) What is Joshua's favorite country?

7.) How did Joshua break his arm?
a.) Falling off his bike
b.) Tripping while rollerblading
c.) Missing his landing on the skateboard

8.) What is Joshua afraid of?
a.) Spiders
b.) Fires
c.) Heights

Bonus points for anyone who can correctly identify these pancakes:

I'll post the answers to Noah's quiz tomorrow. I suppose it's only fair to offer chocolate for correct answers to his quiz as well. Good luck!



Yondalla said...

Sorry, don't do quizzes. I just wanted to say...


(Did that look like an evil laugh? It is supposed to?)

GirlSpeaks said...

SpongeBob, PatrickStar, the PineApple spongebob lives in, and a letter M.

Anonymous said...

I'm not positive but I'll try!

c, a, b, c, b?, c, a?, a

Bunny, starfish, pineapple, and an M, or a mountain, or maybe the money shot of a woman giving birth?

Oh, now that I'm reading your other notes they could be SpongeBob characters. I like bunny better :D

Yeah, I know, I'm really classy.