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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Today is a great day to be am American. Thank you fellow citizens.

We took the kids to vote. Out side the polling facility were petitioners asking us to sign in support of gay marriage in Maine. It was neat because it sparked a conversation that we have apparently not had with the children as they had lots of questions. I loved saying to my children that EVERY family deserves equal treatment no matter what that family looks like.

Inside, we all sat in a circle on the floor and I shared with them what my choices were and why I was making them. I had a hard time choosing for one race, and I explained that as well. All of the kids were very interested in the proccess and remembered voting with us four year ago (and how upset the people there were that we were letting the children see our ballots). I want my children to understand how important it is to cast their vote and I don't want them to feel intimidated by the process when it's their turn to elect a leader. We explained that it's their right, privilege, and huge responsibility to do so.

We were all a little nervous last night watching CNN because for awhile there we were having flashbacks to 4 years ago when Kerry had a huge lead in electoral votes, then nothing as Bush's count kept climbing and climbing. Even after Obama took Ohio I was still nervous.

We cheered when the count reached over 270. I had such a sense of hope wash over me. I couldn't wait for the acceptance speech, during which I cried. When Obama said, "All Americans...gay or strait..."I cheered again.

I know that I'm not old enough to say this with any conviction, but I never thought that I would see the day that a black man could be president. I remember as a child being told that anyone could be president and distinctly thinking, "as long you are a white male". My children will never think that. How amazing!

I really feel that we are living in a new country. One which has greatly evolved and will continue to evolve into a great place for all citizens. YEA AMERICA!

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Anonymous said...

We have brought the kids with us to vote before and nobody seemed to care that we let them see our ballots.
I was so happy when it was announced that Obama won! Politics has always been somewhat interesting to watch but this year was the greatest.. I used to feel like I was voting for the one I disliked the least(the lesser of two evils). This time I feel like I voted for someone actually capable of doing the job and someone with ideas that make sense. And having so many democrats in office should help things proceed more smoothly! I am finally hopeful. I felt like the sun was shining at 11:00 PM on election day!! (I am still shocked that GW Bush ever got elected, and twice at that! I was afraid that too many people would vote in a horrible way again. )