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Monday, November 03, 2008


Along with all the other fairies and mythical creatures (and lets not forget the creepy men in red suits) the Chocolate Fairy has been coming for quite some time to leave chocolate kisses on the freshly made beds of good little children.

Several years ago we thought that perhaps the boys were getting a little old to be believing in such things, so we sat down with them for a talk. Noah was devastated. It seems we are a bit too good at the make believe gig.

Katherine has a special fondness for the Chocolate Fairy. She writes her letters, talks about her often, and daily she will run up to her room to see if the good fairy has made an appearance. Recently Katherine started making special requests, asking questions, and talking incessantly about whether or not her requests would be fulfilled. We decided that maybe it was time for the talk.

Gary took her upstairs and they were there for a long time before she came down looking half devastated and said, "I've graduated".

Noah said, "So, did they tell you just about the Chocolate Fairy?"

"Yes Katherine, Daddy told you all about the Chocolate Fairy, right?" I quickly inserted.

"Yeah, but did he tell you everything?"

"THERE'S MORE?!?!?!" She yelled.

"Yes NOAH!!!!" I said in my sternest much eye contact voice, "Daddy told her everything about the Chocolate Fairy!"

We of course made a big deal about how now she can help with the magic for the little ones, but holy cow I am NOT looking forward to debunking any more myths.

For Christmas, the top item on Katherine's Santa list is an elf. That's right...she is requesting that Santa leave her an elf. I made a point of telling her that Santa wasn't a slave holder and doesn't own elves, making it impossible for him to gift an elf. Sigh.

I think what this house needs is a Vodka Fairy.

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