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I am the mother to 6 children and former foster mother to 2. I am passionate about whatever it is I am passionate about, until I change my mind. I dream big, plan big, and once in a while I even make it big. We are planning to take our freak show on the road. Join us as we embark on a new adventure!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Lunch with Yondalla and her family has inspired me to post the other two people in the top three of my top ten list of bloggers I'd like to have lunch with (not have for lunch because, ewww).

TUDU is one. I love the unshakable faith she has in her family, and the unconditional love she is able to demonstrate for her kids, of whom she has 7. Go visit her here.

JENNI is another. I'm really impressed by her mega family...no, that's not it. What impresses me is not just that she is the mother of 12, but she is so humble about it; she is just a mother (and soon to be a grandmother...eeeeeek!) just like me. Visit her here.

There are all kinds of carnivals all over the bloggesphere, but nowhere is anyone doing a lunch series. I can see it now, other bloggers could travel here and have lunch with me. I could stay home and still meet everyone I've ever wanted to meet. We could call it Lunch with Kerry. No. KIBBLES with Kerry! Kibbles and Konversation with Kerry. Even better, I could change my name and have Lunch and Linky Love with Lori (or Lynn, or Lindsey, or Laura, or Lupe...someone stop me!)

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Tudu said...

It may take a while to work out the details but we do need to try.