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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Shortly before our anniversary Gannet suggested that she come spend the weekend at our house in order for Gary and I to leave it and the children behind.

Yes, that's right. My friend is insanereally nice. It's true. She wanted to babysit our children. I still don't know why, other than the fact that she is insane an incredibly generous friend.

When Gary and I first married, 15 years seemed like a really long time. I figured we would have six kids, all two years apart, and ridiculous sums of disposable income, so that by our fifteenth anniversary we would be jetting off to Hawaii for a week. Bahahahahaha

Instead we have a baby that tagged along on our romantic getaway, and enough cash for a campsite.

We brought the trailer with the idea that we would only sleep in it, saving ourselves $250. Gary also did not want me to "meal plan" or pack our food. I have never been away without a "plan".

We ate out, a lot. Something we really have never done. It was very nice, and not as expensive without all the kids. We went here twice. The first night we both ordered a dinner and I was devastated by all the leftover food that needed to be tossed. Normally I would take it with me, but there was no way to make it work (although I did briefly consider asking them to box it up, insulate it, and provide ice, and hold it until I was done shopping...you can see why this wasn't going to work!). The next time we smartened up and split a burger. And still it was more than enough food.

There was a family at the restaurant with 6 children, the oldest was six years old. Yes, I went over and asked. I only had one kid, so I could gawk like everyone else. Don't worry, I complimented them on their beautiful family and said what a great job they were doing as parents because their children were so wonderfully behaved.

We did some shopping and stopped for ice cream, and at night felt incredibly guilty about leaving the children before putting the baby to bed and playing cards. We had some really neat games to play too, because Saturday morning we had been lawn saleing without any whinny fun suckers children.

The whole weekend was way too much fun. And not just for Gary and I, but for the kids as well. They all had a great time being spoiled by spending time with Gannet and Boon.

I could get used to this getting away with only one kid business. We'll have to do it again in another 15 years!

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