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Monday, August 04, 2008


Oh my gosh, I am so excited! Guess who was just at my house with her family?!?!

Yondalla, that’s who! Can you believe it?

When she mentioned that she would be here in Maine I decided to invite her and all her boys (well, not all her boys*, just the boys who accompanied her on this trip) to our house for lunch.

Waiting for them to arrive was nerve wracking. I knew that I would just have to hug her, but I did not want to assault her in the driveway. I also had to beg myself not to say something stupid. It is not unusual for me to hear someone else’s account of our time together and think, “I said WHAT? In my outside voice?!?!” I hoped that wouldn’t happen this time!

They arrived and I gave Yondalla a big hug and all the boys a handshake. Yondalla is beautiful and just as wonderful and I imagined; her boys are handsome and polite.

Gary and Roland grilled burgers (Gary reports really enjoying Roland’s company), and then Yondalla shared with me her secret for raising teenagers. With her expert advice, I think we might be O.K. in the upcoming years. Phew!

Now they are back on the road. I promised to post and she promised to link, which means that I will have some actual readers today. HELLO READERS!

* I did however get to see a picture of all the boys in a family photo taken at the fondue restaurant and they are one good-looking family!

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Tudu said...

ROFL, When I am nervous I always say crazy things I want pretend came out of someone else's mouth. I am so glad she took you up on your offer to visit and things went well. I hope readers flock here and discover what a really great person you are and stay. She linked me awhile back and I was flooded.