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Monday, March 31, 2008


100 pounds of potatoes
80 pounds of ground turkey
13 pounds of butter
1 gallon of milk
10 pounds of onions
40 pound of frozen veggies
12 heads of garlic
12 pounds of oatmeal
1 container of salt
10 dozen eggs
20 pounds of spinach
40 pounds of ricotta cheese
35 pounds of mozzarella cheese
6 pounds of Parmesan cheese
14 pounds of dry pasta
40 pie shells
40 pie crusts
gallons and gallons of chicken broth
untold amounts of flour
140 zipper bags
= $596

Getting my friends to engage in my food obsessions
= Priceless

We made mashed potatoes, meatloaf, stuffed shells, and chicken pies. Each leaving with enough of each to feed a small country. Someone started getting creative (or fed up perhaps?) with labeling the freezer bags and I saw a few that said, "Holy God, not more STUFFED SHELLS" and "WTF? STUFFED SHELLS?" One even had a skull and crossbones. Teehee

At one point Tears for Fear's "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" was playing and my friend's dear husband took the liberty of changing the words to "Just 'cause Kerry Wants to Feed the World". I didn't catch all the lyrics, but it was pretty funny.

The really funny part is that I honestly didn't think we had all that much work to do. I had cookie making in my head as a back up plan in case we ran out of things to do. Ha. However we were down one person as the flu got her hubby.

All in all it was an utterly exhausting but super fun day. The kids had a blast and even though we had 10 kids here it was pretty calm. Thankfully I had the fortitude to fill the Crockpot before we started so everyone wasn't scrambling when dinner time rolled around.

My Mom arrives shortly and the kids and I are driving into the city to retrieve her. Gary is staying home to scrape cheese off the floor. And I have no idea what's for dinner.

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Now thats one cool spudd!!