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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


During the bulk cooking day I had to send Mr. Bean (not AS SEEN ON TV) to the grocery a few times (yes, more than once). When all was said and done we ended up owing him something and change, so Gary rounded up when he paid him back.

Then, when Mr. Bean (not AS SEEN ON TV) wrote us a check for his family's portion, he included the 28 cents, thinking he had gotten one up on us by making us take the change.

Gary went over the next day to "visit" and hid a penny roll with 28 pennies in his house. While he was there he made the mistake of telling Mr. Bean (not AS SEEN ON TV) that we were on our way out to dinner.

There we sat, enjoying our dinner when in walks Mrs. Bean and her small child. We wave, say hello, make nice, and invite her to join us but she declines. Soon ofter she sits an unfamiliar waitress arrives at our table with a beer, and the penny roll.

After we recovered from the shock we tell our waitress that our friend across the restaurant is here for her birthday, and could she please send over some dessert, and perhaps engage all the other waitresses to sing happy birthday to her?


We quickly left the restaurant and headed to the place where we knew Mr Bean (not AS SEEN ON TV) would be. I kindly asked a gentleman there to bring him a beer, and the penny roll.

We later heard that Mrs. Bean left the restaurant and went right over to the other location to tell Mr. Bean (not AS SEEN ON TV) what we had done to her. However he was too busy laughing over the roll of pennies that had just arrived at his table.


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Anonymous said...

Next you should leave 0.28 worth of postage stamps stuck to thei front door ;)