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Thursday, March 06, 2008


It wasn't my fault.

Remember the chicken?!?!

Right. So we decided that we would all get together and pick chicken again when it went on sale, you know, someday.

So I'm minding my own business at the grocery store when the chicken call out to me. "Hey! Hey you! Look! We are on sale! Come closer, closer. Yes, see, each of us cost only a couple of dollars each. Look at me, I'm only $2.50!" I then notice that the chickens are on sale for 69 cents a pound. That's a great deal! I almost put every chicken they had into mt carriage, but then I thought that it would be even sweeter with a bulk discount. The meat manager wasn't in so I has to wait until morning for the answer. (And thank goodness I did. The last time we had bulk chicken I had no place to store them so they sat in the driveway for days. Gary wouldn't even carry them inside the fence for safekeeping because they weighed FIFTY pounds each; he decided that if someone wanted to steal our chickens and haul off 50 pound boxes they would have earned it.)

I came home, called Jen and said, "Holy crap! Can you imagine if they discount them even further?! This is to going to be great!" I tried to reach Gannet, or rather I thought about calling gannet but a quick peek into her windows revealed that her family was all asleep. (Or, doing something without any lights on). Jen and I decided that we would order two cases and gladly take whatever chicken we didn't "sell" to our friends.

I begin having fantasies of ordering all our food with a bulk discount and getting together with friends to cook and divide, and oh my gosh it is going to be just dandy!

Fast forward to today when I finally get in touch with the meat manager who isn't able to offer us a deeper discount, but 69 cents is good enough so I put in an order for two cases to be picked up this weekend. As he is asking me if I want two cases I look at Gannet and hold up two fingers with a question mark on my face (yes, a question mark on my face!) and she says, "Three, might as well get three." I order three. Then I hang up and it hits me. I just ordered THREE CASES of chicken.

I again direct you back here when I started out with three cases, threw one away, and cooked two. Just two cases of chicken and it was overwhelming. And then I go ahead and order THREE cases. To be paid for on Saturday (to get the sale price) and picked up on Sunday.

Yup, it's going to be just dandy!

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Tudu said...

I need your meat market.