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Sunday, February 03, 2008


AKA Salmonella central!

Here's what's cooking:

Four in here.

Four more here.

Plus two.

And two more.

And another two.

Plus six.

Jen, Rachel, and Gannet have all agreed to come pick with me. Or for me. Because picking chickens can be hard, and some one needs to be the supervisor!


Yondalla said...

Okay...so here's my question:


Tudu said...

Yondalla stole my question! Is the answer b/c you are inviting all of us bloggers to your house for chicken and dumplings?

Innocent Observer said...

But why NOT?

The chickens were free from the food program. I said, "Oh, free? I'll take three boxes." There were at least 10 chickens per box (something I was not aware of at the time!) and they each weighed 50 pounds! One box I tossed out because I didn't like the smell (I am super picky with food!) and the other three needed to be cooked and picked so we could put them into the freezer!

But anytime you want to stop by for dinner is more than fine by me! :)