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Monday, January 28, 2008

GRATEFUL FOR MOLD (in medicine and cheese)

My little girl has been sick. Last week she had a cough that had been going on a good week, perhaps longer. On Wednesday night she had been crying all day and looked miserable. Finally I called the doctor to let her know what was going on and to find out if and how much Tylenol I should give her.

The doctor asked if she was retracting and I said no. Her respiration rate was in the 60's but her color was still good. Doc suggested that she be seen, but said that if I wanted to bring her into the office in the morning that would be okay too. When I hung up from talking to the doctor I noticed that she was retracting so I packed a bag and headed to the hospital, sure that we would be admitted.

The ER staff could not see any retraction and measured her respirations at a perfect 40. Her ears looked fine. They thought her lungs sounded perfectly clear but ordered a chest x ray and RSV test anyway. At this point it was about one am and I didn't want to leave without finding anything wrong, because my baby was sick, and anyone who knows me knows that I have to think my kid is SICK before I bring them to the ER.

The RSV was negative and the xray was clear, so they sent us on our merry way and we climbed into bed about 3.

On Friday Joshua had an appointment with the big pediatric group. Doc asked how Molly was feeling and I told her that she was still pretty miserable, not sleeping, not eating, and seemingly in pain. Doc had not gotten the ER report yet but asked if she could take a peek. I told her that no one had yet looked in her mouth so please start there. Her throat was okay, but she had a RAGING ear infection. I decided to give the ER doctor the benifit of the doubt and believe that the ear was not red and filled with pus behind the eardrum on Wednesday night. We started her on antibiotics and by Sunday morning we were seeing our smiling baby again.

Today I get a phone call from the pediatric group. The ER doctor mis read the film and Miss Molly does in fact have pneumonia. Thankfully the antibiotic that we started for her ear should cover her lungs. I can't help but think that had we not taken Joshua in for a physical on Friday, and had the doctor not asked to take a look my baby could be DEAD! The exray was taken WEDNESDAY. It's now MONDAY! Five freaking days later. IDIOTS!

I understand that ER medicine is meant for emergencies and not mean to be comprehensive, but how do you completely miss the ear and the lungs, and discount the mother who is telling you that her child is very ill?!?!?! I am so mad.

Molly is smiling again. She is doing much better and there is no reason to worry.

ETA: I did ask the doctor how it is possible that she could be coughing up green mucus chunks and have clear lungs. She didn't think it was possible.


Jerry said...

Oh, Kerry! How grateful you must be she's okay!!!! I hope that doctor is watched carefully from now on. Maybe you could write a letter to the hospital?

Tudu said...

I hate going to the hospital for that very reason, they miss the important stuff.

jeninmaine said...

Oh my god, how horrible! Stupid ER doc. I am so, so, so glad that she got seen when you had Josh in.

Grr I am so mad for you!

Amy said...

Weird, our Molly went to the ER this week too.

I'm glad you're Molly is doing well again. I hate when little ones are sick ;(