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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I was right in the middle of writing this post last night when the power went out so I didn't finish writing it. I had been fighting a headache all day, and being the end of the day I was losing the battle. The power went out. Matthew starting SCREECHING with glee as he jumped around like a wild monkey. The older children all grabbed flashlights and took turns shining them into my face. The phone was ringing and UPS was at the door. I decided that it was time to end my day and I put myself to bed. But anyway...

Last night we had a roasted chicken for dinner. While I was cleaning up I felt bad about throwing out the carcass so I threw it into my big stock pot and covered it with water.

Stock: Free
Corn: Left over from dinner, Free
Celery: Left over from another recipe, Free
Carrots: 99 cents for the bag, used 3/4
Noodles: From the food program, 16 cents

$1. 15 total

One of the neighborhood husbands was home sick today, so I divided the soup in half and sent it over. There was enough for my entire family with plenty to spare, and I believe there was enough for the other family as well. That's less than ten cents per serving!


Christine said...

Amazing! Thanks for ispiring me. I get excited when mymeals come in under a buck a piece. :)

BTW, it looks yummy!

Christine said...

Just the other night, I made homemade chicken noodle soup. My inspiration? You!