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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


It's a Valentine's Day Tree. How neat is that!!!

We glued together the leftover candy canes to make them into hearts. The kids cut out foam hearts, and we draped silver beaded cord around the whole tree.

Let's face it, February in Maine is nothing to celebrate. It's beyond cold and by the time the 14th gets here I am ready to run away to a warmer climate. Celebrating Valentine's Day gives us something positive to look forward to.

Last year we bought a new Christmas tree and put the old one in the attic. Then I came across a really good sale and bought another one. Later on I found this white tree. It had been the display and they practically gave it to me for free. I think it was $4 or $5. I offered it to a few people and no one wanted it so into the attic it went. See, someday I am going to live in a humongous Victorian mansion and I will need a tree for every room. I'm just getting prepared.

When we were getting Christmas decorations ready this year I was completely unenthusiastic about it, but then I remembered the white tree and suddenly I was excited. Not about Christmas, but Valentine's Day. I could see the tree decorated with pink and red hearts and couldn't wait to get it all set up! Isn't it cute? It's even cuter in person! the only drawback is that I saw it all lit up in my mind's eye, and all our string lights are green so we opted not to use them.

The fire marshal stopped by today for his annual inspection. He wondered why on earth we were setting up a Christmas tree when most people were taking them down. Who knows, maybe we will start a new trend!

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Christine said...

That's cute. But something I would never think of doing. :)