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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today I convinced Gary to try a new restaurant. We went to a local place that isn't in the best neighborhood, and looks like a "local dive", but I recently heard some good things about it.

It was a little pricey for the atmosphere but the food was good. They didn't have a children's menu so Matthew ordered spaghetti with meat sauce. The waitress then brought complimentary soup. It didn't tell me that I was pretty and thin, but it did taste pretty darn good. Matthew ate his entire bowl and most of mine as well. He then of course had absolutely no interst in the spaghetti, which I never would have ordered if I knew soup was coming. Note to locals: There will be soup!

We boxed up the spaghetti to take home, but it didn't make it. Instead it ended up all over the van. Gary was upset at having meat sauce all over the rug, but I explained to him that we plan to keep the van until it's paid off, and by that point it will be worth roughly what we owe, meat sauce or not. He used a few napkins to clean it and asked me to drive by a barrel. I pulled up to the trash can outside a major home improvement center. He was finishing up with a baby wipe when an employee came over to the door.

"Do you need any help?" she asked.

I thought, "Oh, isn't that kind of her" and said, "No thank you, we are all set!"

"Because you are parked in a no parking zone!"

"Okay, we are just throwing out some napkins. We'll be moving in a second."

"And the sign clearly says NO DUMPING!!!!!!"

"Hello! We aren't dumping. Merely throwing away some napkins, in the trash can."

Then Gary added, "It's a trash can. For people to throw away their trash!"

She got all huffy and walked away. I was convinced that she was taking down my plate number to report us to the police. Geesh!


Christine said...

How rude!

Namaste Mama said...

You make me laugh! :)