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Monday, December 31, 2007


Today is a yucky day. I am out of most things food and planned to go to the grocery this morning. The 9 new inches of snow have thwarted those plans. All the new years eve yummy goodness isn't going to happen. Sigh.

And oh yeah, today is Amy's birthday. I desperately want to call but I know that I won't be allowed to speak to her. Then Katherine has asked me to find Anna's phone number so she can talk to her. I haven't "found" the number because I know that Katherine won't be allowed to talk to her either. Then (and this is my favorite part!) the visitation center called to tell me that Candy and Anna's visit was canceled. I explained that they were no longer with us but at the moment couldn't remember the name of the new family. I asked her to hold while I looked it up. She then asked if it was the XYZ family that Candy lived with last year. Nope. But she willingly waited on the phone for several minutes while I went through my paperwork to find the information, because without it she had NO WAY to get in touch with the children. Isn't that just crazy?

It's easy now to see how the system looses children. I have gotten calls about children who we did respite for 2 years ago. Children who were never even placed with us. Every time one of the girls has an appointment I get a reminder message, but never with a call back number I could use to correct them. Ugh.

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