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Saturday, December 29, 2007


I really wanted to do a complete Christmas accounting with everything that we spend and every present that we gave, but it feels so personal and private. No one wants to admit that they went completely nutso overboard on their kids, even though most of us do.

I've decided to list only the gifts right now, not the monetary amounts, with the following disclaimers: We did not go into savings or use credit to purchase anything. We did use credit cards but only because they give us cash back and we pay our balances in full every month. We don't buy things for our children (toys and such) unless it is a birthday or Christmas. In fact we have been known to purchase something and save it until it's one or the other.

Halfway through the main event it was clear that we did too much, but the in the week before hand we were very concerned that we didn't do enough. Several times I had to stop myself from adding to the stash by reminding myself that we wanted to have a much smaller gift pile. It really felt like we only had a few things and we expected the children to be a little disappointed. Especially considering we had two extra children with gifts under the tree last year. HA! They were all thrilled. Even BEFORE they opened their "big" gifts.

Williams Sonoma kids cookbook
Cookie decorating kit
3 games for the Leapster
20,000 bead and boards (the ones you iron together)
Prisoner made(PM*) musical jewelry box
tumble mat
cd/tape player radio

Cookie decorating kit
(PM)Tool box
Ravensburger puzzle
3 games
PM ambulance
PM float plane
PM blocks

Dangerous Book for Boys
1 GB flash drive
Erector set
Card game
Bruins cap
Cell Phone
$30 to the movies

Hot wheels buyers guide book
Ravensburger puzzle
Sculpty clay
Spiderman hotwheels
Battling remote control cars
US dog and puppies
Guitar hero
Membership to Club Penguin

They got stockings from Santa, and I don't remember every thing that was in there but I can remember some things.

Foam guns
bubble gum
mini chocolate bars
PM toys
mechanical pencils
card games
dice games
gift certificates to the bowling alley

The kids all bought for each other. Noah bought Matthew Moon Sand (had to be thrown out after the first use...very bad stuff!). Matthew bought Joshua a $10 gift card for music downloads, Joshua bought Noah a watch, Katherine bought Molly a swing, and Molly bought Katherine the Daring Book for Girls (Truthfully, I bought this more for me. I had wanted to buy it for her when we were at the book store but didn't because it's WAY above her reading level. However when helping Molly shop I saw it for much less money and couldn't resist it a second time. It is a really cool book, every girl should have one!).

Overall it was a very nice holiday. We had hot croissants for breakfast and prime rib for dinner. I purposefully kept it very simple and we all enjoyed it, although everyone was still completely exhausted by the end of the day. I'm glad that it's over. Christmas will be here again before we know it.

*I really should post some pictures of the prisoner made items. They are very impressive. Someone remind me to do that later today!

Question. When I edit, does the post go into the feed reader twice?

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In Google Reader when you re-publish I don't even know. That is one of the reason I publish partial feeds -- to make people come to the blog and read the most recently edited version.

In Bloglines, at least when I used it ages ago, it showed your post as new again.