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Friday, November 16, 2007


Here I sit. Pregnant. I'm okay though. I feel fine, certainly not the way one would expect to feel at 41 plus weeks pregnant. Not really sure if I should call the doctor today to start intervention or not. Most likely I will not, but my mother will be here on Monday, and then it's Thanksgiving...and I have been watching those damn baby shows and keep hearing about the "deteriorating environment for the baby after 41 weeks." And of course the man I ran into the other day whose wife is a nurse, making him fully qualified to advise me that if I didn't induce labor soon the placenta was going to separate.

We went last night to the community Thanksgiving supper. I even dragged along a few not so willing friends, but they report that they had a good time. The food was awful compared to last year, but it was free (!) and I didn't need to cook it or clean it up, so it was practically perfect. And I really enjoyed the carrot cake. I first split mine in half to share with Matthew. Then there was another piece in front of me and I ate almost the whole thing. My belly was FULL!

The only negative was the way people wanted to TALK to me. I have a whole list of subjects that are off limits right now, and it boils down to anything that I might have a feeling, emotion, or opinion attached. So, even things that might appear to be safe topics, like say, the weather, might not be when we have had black skies and rain for two days. Unfortunately my vulnerability isn't apparent simply by looking at me, so people that I thought I was avoiding well would just come up and sit next to me to chat. So I would concentrate REALLY hard on my squash and on my huge green olives as I avoided eye contact. The poor people who were trying to be friendly had no idea why I was being so rude. Sigh.

In other news, the kids have all come home with conference forms that I am just not ready to fill out. I honestly cannot fathom what time might work best for me on the day in question. I am in survival mode right now, wondering if I will have a baby anytime in the near future, and worried about horrible possibilities that would make a conference of little concern. One teacher sent a note that said, "Report cards will NOT be sent home without a conference." Just now Katherine called home from school to tell me I need to send the form back. Only she said, "Would you please remind me to bring back the form on Monday." as though it was her responsibility, and knowing her teacher, I am SURE that she was harassed about it this morning. I can hear the conversation.
"Where is your form?"
"I don't have it."
"Well you better call your mother right now and tell her to remind you to bring it on Monday or else (insert threat here)."
I told her to let her teacher know that I am not ready to return it and I have no idea what my schedule will look like that week. And I have less than zero desire to meet with this horrible woman. I don't like her and she isn't nice. Maybe I'll send her in a note telling her to keep her report card and even suggest where she might like to keep it. Of course she would need to remove something first to make it fit...


Yondalla said...

You're funny.

You know, I think you can get just about anything you want if you are 41 weeks pregnant. Just call the school office, tell them that you are FORTY-ONE WEEKS PREGNANT and you want them to tell the teacher to send home the cursed report card.


Susan said...

Unless you or the baby are in distress, there is no need to worry. If the "environment is deteriorating" the baby will be in distress, there will be mec in the fluid, etc. Your doc should be able to tell.

When my kids have had difficult teachers, I've asked the principal to sit in on every conference, conversation, etc. It is amazing to me how much more pleasant and accommodating they are when the principal is in on the meeting. Or what Yondalla said.