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Saturday, November 17, 2007


No wonder I'm so darn tired.

The doctor called last night and asked me to go in today for a non-stress test. I did and everything was fine. Although I wasn't terribly impressed with the hospital staff when I first arrived the nurse that was assigned to me was much nicer. I met her as I was headed out the door (after waiting 30 minutes alone) on my way to the coffee shop. She instead directed me to the kitchen and after a cup of coffee everything looked better.

She did suggest that the baby is posterior. It really bothered me. I was very upset after the doctor thought that the baby might be breech and then wanted an ultrasound to be sure. Of course the ultrasound confirmed what I already knew. Now I'm wondering and worrying again. It's annoying the way people through things out like nothing. Maybe most people don't take things so seriously, or don't even care what the position of the baby is. I don't know. I realize that while the person who said this IS an expert, so am I. And I don't mean in a large, "I know everything" sense, but in the sense that I have paid careful attention to my body and I am getting annoyed with people telling me what is going on inside of it. And for what it's worth, the baby was anterior on the ultrasound.

Gary took Noah and Katherine for a walk downtown this afternoon while I stayed home and defended the good people against the Green Goblin with Matthew at my side. Joshua arrived home from wherever he was and asked if he could make a cake. Forgetting to spray the pan caused him to change the cake into a trifle, with homemade whipped cream and peaches.

Gary brought home a box of chocolates for me, a chocolate M for Matthew, and a box of white chocolate truffles for Joshua.

Later Joshua asked if he could make dinner. I picked up one of those instant chickens to go along with a can of corn, a box of stuffing, a can of gravy, and a box of potatoes. He made the whole meal and we only had one fire. I really like letting him be more independent in the kitchen. It would be neat if he tried making dinner one night a week.

Joshua said that everything tasted better when I cook it. I told him that is just the way it always is. I can't say that everything necessarily tasted better, but I did enjoy it more than had I cooked it all myself.

Tomorrow is another day and another chance at a baby.


cardiogirl said...

I feel for you and wanted the pregnancy to be over. Right. NOW! It was so uncomfortable at the end there. I hope the baby comes as soon as is healthy and before you go nuts.

When I read the beginning of this post I thought it said:

"... when I first arrived the nurse was assigned to BE much nicer to me."

And I thought, that's cool. They're giving you the nice nurse because you're pregnant. Then I re-read it and realized my mistake.

Sending birthing vibes your way.

Tudu said...

At some point you need to take responsibility for this baby refusing to join your family. After all they have heard everything going on for months and probably is a wee bit put off. LOL Come on already!