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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I saw the doctor yesterday. She is very insightful and so perfect for me.

First of all I am having an ultrasound and non-stress test today. If I'm still pregnant by Friday, we'll do it all again.

We talked about intervention and she shared my views that once we intervene the need for intervention will increase. We talked about what it will look like if we use pit and what it will look like if we end up in the OR. She assured me that neither were likely to happen, but did say that she would be in the OR the entire time if that happened.

The doctor said that if we left woman alone (which of course they don't) that ten percent would naturally go to 42 weeks and four percent would go to 43.

She has several theories as to why I am still pregnant. The first is the anticipation of having house guests and putting pressure on myself to have the baby before arrival, causing stress and impeding labor. The second is going to the hospital, and the way she put it is that even though we have made the decision to go to the hospital, until we have acted upon that and actually left the house in labor on the way to the hospital, the decision has not been made and that could be causing stress. I thought those were both really good points.

She did not schedule me for another office visit. The last two were made under protest. I told them both times, "there is no WAY I will still be pregnant by that date!" haha, the joke is on me!

We also talked about what the real concerns were for being so overdue. She said that what happens is that as the uterus contracts it impedes blood flow to the placenta and therefore the baby, and while everything might look good on ultrasound and non-stress tests, the only way to test is to go through labor, and the theory is that an old placenta won't handle labor as well, but since most woman get induced at 40 weeks, there really isn't anyway to prove or disprove this theory.

I feel mostly really good. There are a few annoying aches and pains caused by the baby pressing on various nerves, but I certainly don't feel like I couldn't go another two weeks. My theory is that the stress I was under this year impeded the growth of the baby and we just need a little more time to catch up.

It just occurred to me how the ultrasound tech was pushing me to induce at the ultrasound two weeks ago. Oh boy, I can't wait to hear her thoughts about being 42 weeks. Woo Hoo!

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Yondalla said...

As for dealing with the tech -- can I recommend ear plugs?