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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today was our home visit from the nurse. She said she was so excited to walk in and see an healthy pink, plump baby, as Molly was the only baby that she didn't have to send back to the hospital today.

Molly weighs 9lbs 14 oz today. That's a full pound and 2 oz more than 3 days ago. Wow. The nurse zeroed out the scale and started over, getting the same reading the second time.

I asked her to check my latch because I am getting REALLY REALLY tired of hearing and reading that if breastfeeding hurts you are doing something wrong. For me, nursing an infant has been painful. Each and every time. This is my sixth go at it and it's no different. It hurts. And even when nursing older children, my let down has been painful. Not just tingly, but painful. It hurts. So she looked all over my latch and said that it looked just perfect. So there. There isn't anything "wrong", it just hurts, and that's "normal". Certainly with the rapid weight gain we know that she is getting plenty!

Also, her cord stump fell off yesterday. I have never used anything to dry them out, and my kids have all lost it within a few days. Despite reading that 7-14 days is normal, for us it's 3-5. There I go comparing myself to normal. It's kind of funny, isn't it?!?!

Last night I was fighting sleep by reading blogs. I came across a totally sarcastic comment that any ten year old would know isn't true, and I took it seriously, and even commented on it!!! The minute I turned off my computer it hit me what a huge idiot I have become. So if you stumble across said stupid comment, please let me off the hook. I am sleep deprived and 5 days postpartum after delivering a 17 day old child. And my poor nipples hurt. Cut me a break, please?

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