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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


In baby related news, Molly is just great. She is nursing great, sleeping great, and pooping well above average. It's absolutely amazing how much control a nine pound human can have over an entire houseful of people.

I'm feeling better today and hopefully it will only get better from here.

In foster care news, well, things are not going so well. Gary doesn't want to renew our license at all. The hell that we went through was enough for him, and although he may feel differently in the future, he feels that it isn't worth ANY time or attention now to renew. Even if it means having to start from square one at some point in the future, which we both agree we just wouldn't do.

In order to renew right now we need to have some dates in January and February that we will finish up our credit hours. That's all. Confirm some dates and call the worker. Only neither of us want to even LOOK at dates and we would both rather poke ourselves in the eye with a pencil than talk to the worker. She has left about 5 messages in the last week. To be fair, the baby was due WEEKS ago and they have no idea that they are calling so close to the birth, but just hearing the messages feels like an invasion. I think things are still too raw and painful.

I'm not really sure what to do. I don't want to pressure Gary into anything, but we have every other requirement met to have a two year renewal, that comes with some great benefits and discounts even if we don't have a placement. I guess we need some more time to think and talk about things, and we just don't have it. I can only avoid the worker for so long.


FosterAbba said...

If you are both 100% against fostering again in the future, then relinquish your license and don't look back.

If either one of you has even the tiniest doubt, go ahead and renew your license, keep your options open, but simply don't take any more children into your home until you are clear what you want to do.

Having a valid license doesn't obligate you to take more children, but it does keep your options open.

Jen said...

If the dates are in January and February, then wait until January and February. Maybe you'll feel differently, maybe you won't. But I wholeheartedly agree that RIGHT NOW is not the time to deal with it.

I'd either talk to the caseworker (or have Gary do it) asking her to call back after, say, December 17th or something as you JUST had the baby. That'll give you a little more breathing room without getting interrupted by calls.


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