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Friday, November 02, 2007


It was a hard afternoon. I struggled to get them all packed and ready while Gary helped to make sure every article of clothing in the house was clean so we didn't miss anything. We had dinner, made cookies, and waited. The GAL who is always early was late. The kids played and Gary and I sat at the kitchen table waiting. Several times I started to get up to scrub out the toilet then thought it was inappropriate to clean the bathroom in the last minutes they were here, so I continued to sit at the table, which seemed a little less inappropriate, but not much.

Finally she arrived and asked to take a picture of our family so we all sat on the couch and took a picture. I had to ask Anna to stop making bunny ears so we could get one nice photo. I though later I should have first encouraged everyone to make a silly face, but I didn't.

The GAL was in a rush to get out of here so we had to stop the kids who were having an awkward time saying goodbye. The best I could come up with was "bye" and a hug. Gary at least said something about how he enjoyed having them and would certainly miss them. I really just said "bye".

Anna had to go out in true Anna style when I noticed that her socks were missing. "Anna, where are your socks?"

"I took them off and put them in the hamper."

"Could you please go take them out of the hamper and put them back on your feet? It's time to leave."

Seriously I would not be surprised if she got in the car and asked where they were going and when they would be back.

The minute they left I told the kids to go wave at the window and I went into the bathroom and balled my eyes out. Gary said Amy teared up as she walked out. I didn't see that. I didn't take a last look, just went into the bathroom and scrubbed and cried. The tub is very clean if you don't count all my slobbering.

It's over. I can't believe that it's over. I can't believe that after having these kids here for 13 months day and night, I can't even TALK to them right now. They are GONE. Never coming back. It's over.



Ah, such images does your blog create, from a fellow interneter and not enough blogger..my excuse I just get hooked into looking at things. Dont be sad, be strong

Tudu said...

I am so sorry this has been made so difficult for you and your family. I have been thinking about you all week.

Baggage said...

I'm so very sorry.

FosterAbba said...

I am *really* sorry, especially because I know we are next... Only four more days until the county comes to take "Danielle."