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Friday, November 02, 2007


This past summer we got a crack in our windshield. It slowly grew but we hadn't gotten around to replacing it because Maine doesn't understand "comprehensive" insurance and expects people to pay for thier own glass replacement using their own money! I know! Outrageous!

We have been putting it off, until today. They said it would take two hours so we dropped the van off and proceeded to walk about 3/4 of a mile to our favorite store to browse. There are no sidewalks, or even a nice little white line to walk next too, so we essentially walked IN the road. The truck drivers were very pleased with us for having done so.

We walked around the store for a long time, then headed back into the road to walk the 3/4 mile back, where we sat and had lunch. SInce the two hours had passed we went in to retrieve our van. The man at the counter did a little laugh when we walked in and said, "it's a funny thing! The suction cups let go on that windshield so I had to order another one and I can have it here by 2 pm!"

Gary processed the facts much quicker than I and replied, "so we have NO windshield?'

"Correct! We can try to get you home though. Although we will need to make several trips because we only have a van with front seats."

(Said in my head only) "Great, go drop off the 3 year old then come back for me!"

"That isn't going to work because you have ONE seat WITH an airbag."

It was decided that the man would instead drive us home in his personal truck. Gary transfered over Matthew's car seat while I sat and actively worked on lowering my blood pressure. I kept my mouth clamped firmly shut for fear of what might come flying out.

The ride could have been worse, I mean we weren't killed. I got out of the truck and realized that my house keys were of course on my key ring IN THE VAN!!! The only thing I could think of was how yesterday Matthew opened a window to yell out and Gary said, "I have to go around now and make sure all the windows are securely locked." Seriously, this was said in my house LAST NIGHT!

I sat on the steps and actively fought tears. But you know what? My super thorough husband somehow MISSED one window and he was able to climb through it and let me in! Yea!

So now I will go back to packing up the girls and getting dinner ready. Gary is out asking neighbors for a ride to finish up the errands that need to be done before the girls leave. It certainly could be worse, but come one, it has to be us, right? The guy said that in 20+ years he has only seen this happen 5 times. Of course!

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