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Friday, October 12, 2007


K: So Gary, what is your main motivation for birthing at the hospital this time?
G: After last time, I'm afraid of something going wrong. How about you?
K: Well, it would be a change of scenery. Something different; get us out of the house.
G: Like going out to dinner.

This was while waiting for our food at a favorite restaurant. I asked the waitress for 2 number 18's, and I explained that Gary would like chicken fingers instead of his eggroll on his. We would also like an extra plate for the little guy. We waited, and waited, and waited. After 30 minutes she brought over one plate of number 18 and one extra plate. She then asked if I was sure I only wanted the one extra plate. How many extra plates did she think we needed? She walked away, to bring my food we assumed, but she never came back. Then I realized she expected us to share one meal between the three of us. We waited and waited and eventually flagged her down to explain the mis communication. She then blamed me and said, "I asked you if that was all!" Yes, most wait staff do. The TWO meals was all that we wanted. She didn't say, "You just want the ONE meal for THREE of you?" or repeat back the order. Just, "is that all?"

She then ordered me some food, and came back to tell me that she asked the cook to put a rush on it. Which must be the opposite of what she did with Gary's food. It really makes me wonder, how exactly they were "rushing" my food. Oh well.

Later, Matthew is sitting on the toilet reading a book and laughing.
K (speaking to G): I just dropped off the boys, now I have to go get the boys, then go back an hour later to get the girls. It's a huge pain in the butt!
M: Is it me? Am I am pain in the butt?
K: (laughing) Of course not. The RAIN is a pain in the butt.
M: Oh (also laughing. He thought he made a joke!)
K: Gary, he's all done.
G: Hmm. Who is closer?
K: CLOSER? CLOSER? WHO IS 9 MONTHS PREGNANT?!?!!?!?! I know, how about I wipe the kid's butt and YOU push the baby out! How about that?!?!
Gary walked into the bathroom mumbling something about my unwillingness to just hold the baby in for 18 years. Whatever.

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Yondalla said...

When I worked at a restaurant there was almost always a line of orders for the cook. If it was busy it could take a while before the cook could even start your order.

But if you told her that this order was a correction for a table that had already been served, that order when straight to the top. It was the very next thing the cook did.

That was all the control we as servers had over when the food would come.