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Friday, October 12, 2007


Is a super fun game that I highly recommend. I borrowed the junior version from Jen tonight to see how the kids like it before investing.

I was the judge and the word to match was skinny. I told the kids that if anyone had a Mommy card, this would be the time to use it. Turns out Josh had a card that said My Mom, and he used it! It was too funny. He won that round!

The card was even funnier to us because yesterday as I walked to get the girls he rode his bike beside me. I asked him if I could have a ride (he has neat things on the back of his bike that you can stand on...no idea what they are called right now!) He got uncomfortable and told me that his tires were low and he couldn't have any added weight.

"Excuse me? Are are calling me fat?"
"No, my tires."
"You are calling me fat!"
"No, really, even my friend's can't ride because I need more air!"
"I can't believe you are calling me fat!"
"You are so going to bed when we get home!"

*I had no intention of actually getting a ride, I know that his tires really are low and I know (as does he) that he wasn't implying that I am as heavy as a house. But it was funny, and funny is good!

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