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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I am seriously frustrated and want to post about how much foster care sucks. The problem is that to talk about what is happening right this minute would require hours of back story that honestly, I don't even know where to begin. Ugh, and as I am typing just now the plot thickens. I'm not sure how much more crap we can take. I feel like it's a huge cycle where things get really hairy and we are just about ready to throw in the towel, then things settle back down to a manageable level for a little bit, just enough that we can get a grip before the shit hits the fan again.

Here are the details of the minor annoyance of the day. And compared to the real issues, this is almost pleasant.

About nine months ago I asked to have one of the kids evaluated. I was told absolutely not. Then back in June the CW decided that the child should be evaluated. I called to make the appointment and got put onto the wait list. Last week they called to schedule for the eval. Great. I called the CW with a list of about 8 things that haven't been resolved, and in the proccess let her know that the evaluation had been scheduled. It turns out that she needs to be present at the eval and isn't available on that day. She gives me a list of days and times that she is available and tells ME to reschedule. So I do. When I call her back to let her know, she tell me that since we last spoke she is no longer available and I need to call to reschedule again. I suggest that she figure out when she is actually able to go and call herself. She calls me back and informs me that the appointment is now on my birthday at a time in the afternoon that couldn't be less convenient. I can take that appointment or wait another month or two. The time also interferes with a visitation and I am so curious how the child is going to get to the visit if she isn't where the transportation will be picking her up. But don't worry, I will take full responsibility in the state's eyes for denying her access to her family.

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