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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


This morning was not fun. Joshua almost missed the bus, his alarm never went off. Thankfully he just made it out in time. Then while I was brushing my teeth the second bus went by, a full 15 minutes earlier than "normal". The children who needed to be on that bus were just sitting in the kitchen, waiting until it was time to go out for the bus. Now I had to drive those kids, whose school started NOW and take the other kids with me, whose school didn't start for another 25 minutes. Oh, and in the time that we were figuring this all out I found a note scheduling me for a conference at a very inconveniently time. One of the schools is closed one day this week and one day next week for these assessments. I had asked for morning appointments and asked that they be on the same day at the same time. Ugh.

So this morning after arriving home from dropping three children at one school and three at another, making me feel like a real bus driver, I sat down to coffee with Gary. Mmmmm coffee!

ME: I am burnt out. It feels like there is all this pressure right now from the state and from the school as well.
HIM: I know, I don't know how that woman with 39 kids does it. How does she do it?
ME: Well it isn't like she has all 39 at home. Most of her kids are grown now. She only has like 18 kids at home right now.
HIM: Oh, only 18, well then, that makes ALL the difference.
ME: (in my head) maybe when we "only" have 18 kids at home things will get easier.

The truth is, I am in awe of Cindy. She has a gaggle of kids*, grows her own food, cooks dinner for 25 every night, and keeps her boys in collared shirts. Seriously, someone needs to give this woman an award!

*that did not come out of a clown car uterus!

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Tudu said...

I am completely addicted to Big Mama's blog. My agency is the one that told me about it b/c she uses them and is friends with the director. She truly is an amazing woman.