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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ever have a friend who admits to doing something that is totally ridiculous and makes no sense at ALL but said friend is firmly committed and nothing will change her mind?

I am that friend.

It started with an opposition to prenatal vitamins. Now, oppositions are my friend. Oppositions are admittedly my special skill, and I usually have a great argument to back them up. But with the vitamins, I had none. Argument that is. The opposition I was all over. I told my liberal doctor who agreed that it was fine not to take them as long as I ate well. Phew.

Last year I had an opposition to homework along with a well stated argument and it worked well. This year the kids are older and have different expectations of them at school so I'm okay with some homework, when we have time. Much to the school's dismay I feel that soccer practice, family dinners, and bedtimes all take priority over homework so it doesn't always get done, but usually it does.

So doing the homework isn't the problem. The issue is that some children's homework requires that I sign it every evening or chart their reading every evening. I absolutely REFUSE to do this. Hugely opposed. One child needs a lot of help with homework and I make very obvious notes all over it so it is very clear that I am aware of the homework being done. Every evening she comes home with an ever growing stack of completed homework sheets that she will not be given credit for because they are unsigned. I feel like I am locked in a power struggle with a two year old. (Yes, I fully admit that the two year old may be me!) I am so opposed to this signing of homework I can't even tell you, yet I have no good reason other than principle.

Then another child handed me a reading chart that she had completely filled out for me and all she wanted was a signature. What to do? I conceded and initialed it while bitching and moaning about the lack of trust adults had for children and the ridiculousness of requiring signatures. Since I initialed the reading chart for the one child, I felt it was only right to initial the stack of sheets for the other. The child became concerned because our initials are the same and what if the teacher thinks she signed it and couldn't I just add a middle initial or my full name?! Which is a great point, why not just have the child initial it? Hmm.

Anyway, I gave in tonight, but I do not want to be locked into signing homework for 5 kids every night or filling out reading charts. I am so opposed! How can I get out of this? I actually thought about having a stamp made and letting the kids do it themselves. You know, that's not a bad idea. I think I just may do that. hehehehehe

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