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Thursday, September 13, 2007


eagerly awaiting a hair style update!

This morning the child had the dreaded bandanna on her head. My blood pressure shot up as I pretended to ignore it. Then I remembered that all six children had dental appointments this morning meaning not only would I be seen with bandanna head, but would be VERY visible as a Duggar-mam-wanna-be.

I took a pair of tongs and removed the bandanna from the child's head and threw it into the wash. I told her that I just could not be seen in public with the bandanna. Just. Not. An option. I helped her comb it and put some gel in (she wanted it to behave as though it was covered by an bandanna!).

This afternoon I told her how nice she looked and asked if anyone had complimented her today.
"Funny you ask" she said as she recited the comments received throughout the day. Numerous and very positive.

I think the dryer might just be hungry for a large piece of cotton.

All the kids did great at the dentist by the way. It only took us two hours to get through all the kids.

At one point a woman walked in with a little girl who I could just tell was a foster child. I don't know how it is that I can pick them out (or if I'm always right) but I just know when I see a child in care. Anyway, after the mom came in I spotted the exact same folder that I have my state stuff in so I said, "you must be a foster mother!" Of course she was. I told her it was the folder, but really, the folder just confirmed it for me.

Then she went ON AND ON AND ON about the sibling group she had and how they were being reunified and spending all kinds of time with Mom. This was right in front of one of my foster children! UGH. I was getting flustered about it, then remembered that this child has trouble following conversation directed at her so most likely she didn't even notice. It was of course shortly after having to tell this child that taking a matchbox car and driving it on the wall directly about the head of an older woman might not be well received, and no, driving under her chair was not a great idea either.

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