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Friday, September 14, 2007


Child assessments took place at school this week so I got to actually see some of the staff for the first time this year. NONE of them were aware of the new baby coming in just a few short weeks. I can hardly believe that one of the kids didn't tell someone, but anyway, the talk turned to BABY NUMBER 7!!! and oh my gosh, SEVEN kids. To each and every person I explained that my house wasn't a madhouse and things were not overwhelming and each person got really serious and agreed, we have REALLY NICE kids. The thing is, they weren't talking about MY kids so much as I felt the foster care children. And I have to agree, they are REALLY NICE kids.

Yesterdays Gary spoke to the bus driver who to be honest, was on my short list the year before last. I really felt like he was picking on my kid. Gary apologized for not getting out early to let him know that we would not be on the bus due to the dental appointments. The driver said he knew that we would drive the kids when we weren't out there and that he never worried about us (he mentioned some other locals that he did in fact have to question on a daily basis!) and went on and on about what good parents we were. Then he mentioned the new baby and said how wonderful it is that we have so many kids and take such good care of them all. (Yes, he is really raking up the points before the holidays!). Then, he asked about the girls and wanted to know if we were adopting them. Gary gave the standard, "we have no idea what is happening, we are just the babysitters" line, which isn't untrue, but there is no right answer to the question of "Do you want to keep these kids?" If you say yes, you are interfering with reunification and if you say no, you aren't loving and caring for them properly. The bus driver told Gary what wonderful children they were and how he hoped that we were able to adopt them, and how sad we would all be if we couldn't. He even said, "I know there will be a lot of tears!"

My sister not to long ago said, "You will NEVER find a nicer set of kids to add to your family!" I think she may be right (and yet, it is still so dang HARD!).

It's funny how these compliments come at times when you really need to hear them. I am grateful that other people notice what wonderful people these children are because sometimes with foster care I think we get so caught up with what ISN'T wonderful about them that we forget to appreciate all the greatness they hold.

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