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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yesterday my neighbor invited Matthew over to make cookies. He was so excited! It was however the first time that he has really gone anywhere without me. Gary and I both were a little, well, out of sorts. Every so often one of us would say in that panicked voice, " Where is the baby?!"

Then Gary started with all the reasons he needed to drop in on the neighbor. "I'm just going to run over those melons that you promised her". I told him no. I wanted to go over and visit as much as he did, but I thought it would be rude to interrupt, and besides, completely unfair for HIM to get to go and not me.

Matthew came home just as excited as when he left. WITH COOKIES! Mmmm. I have such a weakness for chocolate chip cookies. You might even say that they are my favorite food, if you could consider them such. And cookies homemade by someone else in a kitchen that you don't need to clean? OH MY GOSH! To die for!

I don't know how I got so lucky to be his mother, but Matthew is such a joy. I am SO in LOVE with this kid. I love the way he tells me "I love you so much Mommy" or "you're awesome!" along with the cute little froggie smile that he does. On Friday my friend took him around in a carriage with her own son while Gary and I did our shopping. She took him up to the offices where she had some business and the people there gave him crayons and paper. He drew an M and told her, "look, it's an M!" She asked if he wanted his mom. "NO, it's an M!" "Are you thirsty?" "No, it's a M. M." "M? Are you hungry?" "No, it's an M!" "Oh! Yes! It's an M!" All the sudden his speech is so clear that it's confusing. Most of the time there is no guessing, what it sounds like he is saying is actually what he is saying.

Then they took him out to the garden and let him pick his own pumpkin. He loves his pumpkin and asked Josh to draw a face on it for him.

As Matthew would say, "THE END".

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