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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Yesterday was a kick butt day. I went out to run some errands and stopped into the thrift store where I found a bolt of fabric that looked like wool jersey. The sold it to me for $2. I took it into the fabric store and they agreed it that it seemed to be a wool jersey. They suggested burning a piece and it behaved exactly as the “figure out your fabric” book said that it would, so I went back and bought the other bolt. I ended up with over 12 yards of the most beautiful plum colored fabric for $9 total. Retail value if it is wool jersey, $135-$250.

Then I stopped at the resale shop because I desperately needed some maternity shorts. I was there the other day but they were $6 and $8 each and I really like only buying things that are marked down to $1. Anyway, they expanded the sale and now not only are my shorts $1, but I found a swim suit!!! I went to the mall on the way back from camping and tried on every stinking suit they had there and couldn’t find anything that fit, and here there was a perfectly fitting suit, in my favorite color for ONE DOLLAR!

I get home and Gary is in the driveway, all freaked (in a good way!) out because some financial information that we have been waiting forever for came through in our favor! Woo Hoo!

Then we heard that we were accepted in to the adoptive families’ food program and received our order form. We are eligible to purchase up to 50 cases of food and that is exactly what we ordered. I called the coordinator to ask about some of the food items that I wasn’t clear about and found out that for the last order the pizza cases contained 25 Digiornio pizzas, (approximate price $6) and the ice cream case contained all premium pints such as Ben and Jerry’s and Dove (approximate price $3! That’s about 25 pints for less than one pint retail!) . I am so excited. I ordered a case of deli meat, 30 pounds of cheese, 30 pounds of haddock, Vanilla Lavender Tide (96 cents per bottle!) and some things such as salad dressings and power bars I am not even being charged for! The coordinator suggested that we don’t make any plans for pick up day because we will be consumed with our order. That’s when the enormity of 50 CASES hit me. I don’t even know where we will out it all. We might need to purchase another freezer. Seriously, I bought 10 cases of frozen. If my freezer were completely empty, I couldn’t fit in 10 cases of food in there. Although what is rather amusing is that the pantry is Noah’s job, and we are laughing about his reaction when he sees 50 CASES of food that need to be put away! Tee hee hee.

Yup, it was a great day!

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Baggage said...

Wow that sounds great!! 96 cents per bottle for laundry soap???!!! I was excited because yesterday they had laundry soap 3 for 10 bucks. Normally two of them cost $9.22, so I got one for like less than a dollar.

That program sounds awesome. I wish they had something like that here.