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Monday, July 09, 2007


My mother rented a beach house from Sunday to Sunday. Interestingly enough the amount of people the owner would allow made it possible for any of my siblings to visit, but not my family. It was suggested that I leave most of my family at home and come, but that didn’t seem right so I opted not to go. However we figured that we could make a day trip down to visit. On Friday as we were getting ready to leave I tried my mother’s phone. No answer. I tried my sister’s and got my niece, who was on the beach, wasn’t sure where my sister was, but my mother was at home and they were getting ready to head home themselves. What the heck?! So I called my mother at home. She decided to leave the beach house three days early to avoid being there alone. Hello? The woman lives alone. As we had already told the kids we were going, we figured that we would head down anyway.

When we got to the beach mile it got foggy really fast, then in an instant the sky opened up with the most ferocious downpours I have ever seen. Just like that! We parked the car and tried to calm children who were sure that we were going to wash away with the rain. After about 30 minutes it slowed down enough for us to get out of the car. We were able to get into the arcade to play, and we got our candy too, but the amusement park closed down and didn’t reopen. They would be open the next day, but since my mother didn’t offer us use of the now empty beach house we couldn’t stay. She did however leave me a message letting me know I could park there.

On the way home we stopped at Vinny Testa’s, one of my most favorite restaurants that has finally made it’s way into Maine. The kids LOVED the food, which is a little surprising when you consider that everything is “real” and freshly prepared. No chicken nuggets on their menu. Our dinner was so yummy it totally made up for the rain, missing the rides, and even not being offered the beach house.

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