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Monday, July 09, 2007


We dropped Joshua off at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics yesterday. Sigh. That was hard. The program itself was very impressive and the supervision seemed good too, but my baby is FOUR hours away. Oh my.

Out of the impressive 20 courses he was to choose from they were only assigned three. He got into these:

Lift-OFF! – You can do it! Engineer, construct, launch, and recover your own rocket from its flaming flight into the troposphere and back. Campers will investigate rocket theory, propulsion, and calculation, and will review the marvelous milestones of the moon-bound few who left their bootprints on our nearest neighbor in space. Highly recommended for those seeking a life-changing experience.

Real Life CSI WANTED: Budding detectives willing to help solve cases using forensic science. Just like real-life detectives and investigators, you can learn to process the crime scenes like the pros. Dust for fingerprints, analyze fibers, and learn about the genetic markers that can lead you straight to “whodunnit”! You’ll leave camp ready to start your own detective agency.

Robotic Challenge – Have you ever dreamed of building a robot to clean your room and fold your clothes? Use your creativity, logic and problem-solving skills to build and program your own robot! Work with motors, sensors, and resource bricks to increase your robotic knowledge and skills. With this course under your belt, you will be one step closer to building your dream robot.

The drive up was so beautiful. I was really intrigued by the rows and rows of potatoes. Noah told me, “After seeing so many, the potatoes are no longer interesting!” We saw a moose and a deer (and a turkey too). Gary has decided that we should move up to the County. If Joshua ends up going to high school at MSSM it does make sense…but it’s four hours from here!

After spotting the “Moose Crossing” signs, one child wanted to know how the Moose know to cross there. (Their mother's teach them of course!) This is the same child who looked at the beach barrier and asked how they get the fish to stay on their own side of the lake. (Fish school!) Tee hee!

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