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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The foster kids went to respite while we were camping. It was such an amazing break I can’t even describe it, but it did leave me wondering why in the hell we are foster parents. Then we return home to a message that the Evil Caseworker. Ugh. Do you remember back when Gary suggested that I tell her that we don’t want to send the kids to camp to ensure that they go? He was so right! The Guardian told me that the caseworker was refusing to pay for camp, so I called the camp, explained the situation and asked if they would be eligible for a scholarship. It turns out that the camp is willing to take all three children the same week even though they are out of the age range AND give them a 50% scholarship. When I relayed this information to the guardian, she said there is no way the Evil Caseworker can say it’s too much money now. Five minutes later the EC calls me and I tell her what I have learned. She disputes my information and I assure her that I just spoke with them and they are bending the rules. Then she tell me that she had NO IDEA that the kids even wanted to go, (LIE LIE LIE!) and they have already agreed to pay for soccer ($25 in the spring) and swim lessons ($25 this summer) and they aren’t going to pay for everything I want. At this point in the conversation I lost my cool a little bit and said, “Evil Caseworker, I don’t give a rat’s behind whether they go to camp or not. I was told that this was important to the family so I did what I could to help facilitate it. I DON’T CARE!” And you know what? Her attitude completely changed and she said, “Well, if we are going to get such a big discount I’m sure we will get this approved!” Oh whatever lady!

I think I am going to stop blogging about foster care, because I never have anything nice to say. It is a good outlet, but I don’t think anyone wants to hear it. I know that I have sure had enough.

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Susan said...

I rarely have anything nice to say either, and I often wonder if anyone wants to hear my nastiness, but it does help me to vent. In addition to the venting value, I have gotten emails several times form other fostering parents saying that they were dealing with the same thing. It is nice to know I'm not crazy, that I'm not the only one and that it isn't me. The workers are truly evil sometimes. I have never considered disrupting a placement because of the kids or even the birth family, but when I’ve come close to doing it, it was all about the worker.