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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Summer vacation is totally kicking my butt!

It’s only day two, and I am so exhausted it isn’t even funny. We had our last soccer games this morning, and due to not having a ref I ran the field with the kids. Then the kids and I played in the pool all day. At 3:30 I was ready for bed. Seriously.

Yesterday was the first day that the kids were home from school and I hadn’t gotten the grocery shopping done before then. We planned to all go together that morning but we ran out of time as I was scheduled to meet with the new doctor at 10:45. I loved the office and I LOVED the doctor, much to my surprise (although I had heard such good things from so many different people!) More on that later. Anyway, I rushed to get to the appointment for 10:45 and told Gary that I would be home in an hour and we would grocery shop then. I figured we could go quickly and be home in time for a late lunch. Well, the two patients before me were late, and the doctor was insanely thorough, so I didn’t even leave the office until after 1:00. I had told the kids that they couldn’t get into the pool until after we shopped, so when I arrived home I found hungry kids who had just been told by Gary to put on their swimsuits, because clearly I was never returning home. We really didn’t have any food in the house so we brought them all to the drive through and finally got on the with the shopping. Gary took some children in search of a razor and I had A, Noah, and Matthew, along with two carriages. Having the older ones to entertain the little one made it so much easier to shop, surprisingly. The bill was much harder; $250. Ouch. I am refusing to shop at Walmart anymore, but boy, their prices really are much lower. I guess $250 is that magic number one has to pay to avoid a strip search when leaving a grocery store.

We did find out that the cat now living across the street and pooping all over our yard is not the same cat who resided there last week. That cat is still at the shelter where we left him. The same shelter from which they adopted the new cat.

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