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Saturday, June 09, 2007


Today was not an unpleasant one, even though one kid was a big ol butt. We went here. The first thing that happened was that we ran into the “bad” family who interestingly enough did not have their “new” child. On the way there we stopped at a yard sale and while negotiating the purchase of a super cool foosball table I noticed the baby’s hand sticking out the window. Someone had let him out of his seat. I was so pissed I decided against the table and we left. The child who had freed the little one complained, “Everyone’s mad at me!” Go figure! But the afternoon was mostly pleasant, we spent time with some friends and the kids ran around and pretended to fly to outer space. We attracted a few extras and all was good. Then we get home and find in the mail the new fee schedule for the public pool. Last year swim lessons cost $10 per child, and a family pass for unlimited use cost us $20. The new fee schedule is $25 per child and $90 for our family!!! It made me so angry that I decided to get out for a bit. I needed some balls to wrap my new wool roving around. I went over to Walmart. For the last time ever, by the way. When I got in the store, there were no carriages. At least not after I took the last one. When I left the store, there were still none. I went there for balls and ice cream. I got the balls, but BOTH flavors of ice cream were not available. So I went to the self check out because I wanted out, quick. I paid for my order and while putting away my receipt a cashier came over and demanded to see my receipt. I dutifully handed it over and asked what she was looking for. She said, “Nothing specific, I just wanted to check.” I should tell you that about a month ago my husband was detained for 45 minutes by 6 employees who refused to let him leave the store despite him producing his receipt. They first went over every item in the carriage to make sure it matched up, then decided the receipt must be a forgery because they still didn’t let him leave the store, until he mentioned his rights and something about a lawyer.

I am tired of being treated like a criminal when I shop. It’s ridiculous. Gary called the store to complain just now and they admitted that clerks are getting very aggressive because people are filling bags at the self check out and not paying. Here’s a novel idea, hire enough people to run the actual check out lanes!

Then I run over to the grocery store to buy the ice cream that Walfart doesn’t seem to carry. This time I choose the self checkout because I am fully aware that I am in a pissy mood and I think that I should limit my exposure to people. The friggin machine keeps telling me what to do and finally I have to tell it to “JUST SHUT UP!” It didn’t hear me. When I signed the little square for my credit card it was all I could do to sign my name and not “F___ OFF!”

I hate being in a bad mood, but when I am there is no letting go of the things that are pissing me off. Let things go = be in a good mood. Hold on to every slight = be pissed off. I choose the latter tonight.

I hope people can follow along. Holding on to every slight also = crappy writing.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....you and I seem to be quite alike...I react the exact same way....[shifty grin]