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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We have been having cat troubles again. It’s the new neighbors (yes, the one’s we called the police on…did I neglect to mention that story? Oh well, another time.). Their cat has been tearing up our garden beds and pooping all over our property. Gary bought some cat repellent and put out the recommended amount. It did nothing to stop it, so he poured out the entire jar. Still nothing, so he bought a trap. Five minutes after setting the trap behind our bushes, we had a cat. He called for the animal control (and talked again to former neighbor who is a police officer in town and continues to find our calls humorous!) but they never returned his call. He got a hold of the Humane Society who assured him that he would no be charged nor would they release the cat for free, so off he or she went to the shelter.

A few days later, an elderly neighbor came over with the police report out of the paper and asked, “Do you know anything about this?” We looked. “10:11 a.m. a resident of ABC Ave reported that he had caught a neighbor’s cat in a trap on his property and wanted to talk to the animal control officer.” Oops.

Then later that afternoon another elderly neighbor called Gary over and said, “I need help, I have a huge problem. All spring a cat has been tearing apart my garden and pooping everywhere (how this cat has enough poop to go around is beyond me!) but interestingly enough, it hasn’t happened in the last two days.” Hmm. I wonder why? Gary told her that he had caught the cat and brought it to the shelter.

Shortly thereafter, the new neighbors come home with a cat box from the shelter. We assumed that they figured out where their cat was and went to get it. Only it isn’t the same cat. It’s totally none of my business but I really want to know what happened. Was it too much money to get their cat back so they just got a new one? Would the shelter let that happen? Did they just decide to get a new cat and not notice their own cat sitting there? It boggles the mind. In ten days the shelter will call us to see if we want to sponsor or adopt the cat, so a that point we can casually mention our confusion at the cat still being there because it’s owners came home with a cat in one of the shelter boxes days ago.


missing_one said...

Sounds like they have some screws loose. I feel bad for the cat, but our neighbor's cat poops in our yard all the time and somedays I'd really like to take a pellet gun or something and....
Too funny though. I'd be dying of curiosity as well

Innocent Observer said...

Yeah! When my husband was asking around to find a cat repeller I told him..bb gun pellets. I can only be that mean online though...not in real life.

Katie said...

I don't see a way to email you. . .
On Kerflop's bra post you asked her to share the formula. These were the sources I used to learn about better bra sizing: