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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


It’s a miracle. Can you see it? It’s sunshine. The sun is actually shinning in Maine!

Perhaps this is a cycle similar to battered woman’s syndrome. Maine weather kicks our butt over and over again. We decide that this is ridiculous and we aren’t going to take this abuse any longer. We deserve better. With small children we NEED to have the option to play outdoors every so often. Just as we start browsing Realtor.com, low and behold, a bouquet of flowers in the form of actual sunshine. Maine weather is forgiven yet again, with promises of beautiful weather.

Soccer was supposed to start TWO WEEKS ago, but with the fields underwater it makes it a little hard to play. Katherine’s birthday barbecue couldn’t take place because of the torrential downpours, can’t happen this weekend because of the chilly winds, and who knows what it will look like it two more weeks. AAAAAAAAAGH!

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kerflop said...

I so feel you. Every single winter we start looking at properties in San Diego. 10 times the price for 1/4 of the land, sign us up! And then the sun comes out and we decide Idaho is okay.