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Friday, May 18, 2007


Big scary meeting is over. It wasn’t as big, or as scary as I had anticipated, but I don’t still don’t know what the agenda was, or the outcome for that matter. Liar continues to lie; Moving on.

What is the deal with feeding children sugar and fats, specifically hydrogenated oils. It makes my stomach turn and my skin crawl when I see children eating these things and I try so hard to limit the amount of crap that my kids eat. It seems to me that our society sees eating these things as completely normal and acceptable. When a child reports eating 5 cookies from Dunkin Donuts (have you ever seen the size of those things?!), more Boston cream donuts then they could count, ice cream sundaes, candy, cake, and pancakes in two days time, it concerns me. Yet I am told there is nothing abnormal about this. Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong? If they had one of these treats over the course of a weekend, that would be okay, but every single one?

My kids just came home from school asking for a snack. I told them to check the fruit bowl. Occasionally they will have crackers and cheese or as a very special treat cookies, but not every day. I would say not even every week. Usually snacks are fruits or vegetables, and this seems “normal” to me. But then again, normal isn’t something I am often accused of.

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