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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We went out to eat last night with all the kids. There was a woman at another table that I was just so sure that I knew, but I couldn’t make a connection. It was making me crazy and causing me to feel embarrassed that I couldn’t quite figure out who she was. At the table right next to us was an older couple enjoying martinis. I wondered if Gary and I would ever be the type of people to go out and order martinis. They sure looked yummy.

The meal ends and as I am helping the children with their jackets Matthew swings around a little stuffed panda. It flies out of his hands, high up into the air and lands smack dab in the middle of the table of the familiar woman as the server was taking their order. My face turned beet red and I apologized as best as I could while still avoiding eye contact.

Then the older couple motioned for me to come near. “We had three boys too. And three girls. But the girls came first.” “Oh, that’s great” I replied. The older gentleman said, “And when you have six kids, when do you ever get a break! (hahaha)” And in my out loud voice I said, “at least not until you get to be YOUR AGE” Yes, that is what I said. Out loud. Oh my gosh. These people were trying to be nice and commiserate and I called them old farts. Geesh.

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Woman with kids said...

HAHAHA, that's awesome. Totally the foot-in-mouth thing I would have said. Except I probably would have added something like, "Or, uh, until you're dead. Not that you're near dead, I mean, you're not that old, just old, I mean..."