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Saturday, April 28, 2007


To fly or drive? That is the burning question in my house right now as we contemplate a trip to see my Dad in Florida. I love the drive. It makes me so happy to have my family all together, the open road before us. It makes me feel like we are completely free. Gary on the other hand feels like he is locked in a metal box with 7 other people for an eternity.

Gary swore to me that he would never again fly, but it seems the threat of death is more appealing than living in the metal box with 6 small children for eternity.

According to my calculations, it will cost us about $1100 to drive there. I am searching desperately for plane fare that will be comparable, but every time I find a great deal, they add on another $100 in fees per ticket when I go to book. Grr. Then we would also need to rent a vehicle that will accommodate eight, no easy feat.

The upside is that flying would give us an additional 6 days (give or take) in Florida, and of course save a huge amount of wear and tear (and warranty coverage!) on my beloved:

I am so looking forward to being with my Dad, sitting on the beach, eating Sonny’s, and perhaps, (okay, more likely than not) visiting the Orlando scene for a few days. So, if any of you internet wizards come across a good deal on airfare, please let us know!

In other news, I know that several of you were painfully awaiting my review of The Red Tent. I’m not really sure how I feel about the book, but I think I disliked it more than I liked it. I was very disturbed by the violence, and mostly by the traditions that gave no second chances to the condemned. Like most readers I did long for the camaraderie that the women experienced. It would be nice, but not at the prices they paid.

Jen has been after me to read Outlander for at least a year. I have tried so hard, and started it at least three times, never being able to make it past page 30. I swear, the first 30 pages are the most painfully boring of any book I have ever read. However by my forth (or fifth, or sixth) read through I had it practically committed to memory so it wasn’t so painful and I made it to page 35, where the book completely transformed itself into the most interesting that I have read in ages. I am grateful for the 627 pages because I can read it all day and still have more to read the next day. I am on page 480 and it has been bugging me for the last 200 pages, was it Jamie looking in her window on page 13? Of course it was, but how on earth did he get there before she left? Did time stand still? Will I find out before the book ends? And why doesn’t Claire ever clue anyone in to the betrayals, like Dougal with Geilie, Colum, and Loaghaire? I can’t believe she hasn’t told Jamie why she was in the village to begin with. Ugh.


I found a GREAT fare, one that I can hardly pass up, but I think we will because the only dates available will end up cutting our time in Florida by half, unless we take the kids out of school a week early and we aren't considering that to be an option. It would suck to spend so much money and not have time to do everything we hope to.

Also, I have finished the book. The last 75 pages were awful, yet I didn’t want it to end. The author is very good about going into great detail and making the reader understand every aspect of what is being described; this is not always a good thing when the event is less then pleasant. Why Jamie was on page 13 I still do not know. Jen, having read on, do you know? Pray tell!

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