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Friday, March 02, 2007


The repair guy finally called.

Repair Guy: How long have you had this thing?
Me: We bought it yesterday.
RG: Well I would take it right the hell back.
Me: Uh huh.
RG: I have had a ton of service calls on these damn machines.
Me: (unenthusiastically) Really.
RG: Yeah.
We talk technical stuff for a minute and after he is assured that I have not installed the wires upside down or backwards and that the machine is in fact plugged in, he tells me that he suspects it needs a new supply box. Before ordering the box he will first need to come visit with the machine to confirm that is indeed the problem. He isn’t available until the middle of next week.
RG: You really should call Whirlpool to find out if you can purchase an extended warranty on this thing.
Me: Why on earth would I do that?
RG: Because this part costs over $200.
Me: I have a full 12 month warranty on parts and labor.
RG: But you’ve only had it one day, and when this thing blows again next year you won’t be covered.
Me: (getting a little annoyed) I am completely confident that if it is fixed properly next week we won’t have that problem.
RG: I hope they gave you a hell of a deal on this?
Me: (Silence).

Because I didn't feel good about this man coming to my house, I ended up calling the store where we bought most all of our appliances and have had very good luck thus far. (I think I like it there because the salesman has 5 children, and that used to seem like a gigantic gaggle of children, back in the day! haha)

Me: I need to schedule a service call please.
Repair person: Okay, name, and model number please.
Me: Kerry, 5867373
RP: Okay, how is Tuesday morning.
Me: Perfect, thank you.

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