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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Have you ever been to a child’s sporting event? Like a football or soccer game? Have you noticed that there is always one parent who knows every child’s name and has a comment about every nanosecond of the game?
Don’t you just want to yell that them to SHUT THE youknowwhat UP!?!?!

Well, here’s your chance. It’s me. I am that parent.

I can’t help it. I get so excited about the game that I want to run onto the field and join the kids. The only way to break the tension is to yell. I hope another parent doesn’t bop me. I really hope I don’t get kicked off the field. I should be okay, I’m yelling positive things! And I stay in one spot; I don’t run up and down the sidelines. That would be really bad. No, I stay in my chair (that I drag out to the mid point of the field!) so this really isn’t a problem, not like those “other” parents, right?

The boys are having a great time playing soccer and they are doing great. Joshua wants to be a goalie and with just a few hours of practice (and some sage advice from his mother) he has made major improvements. The coach noticed and told Joshua that he will be the starting goalie in this weekend’s game.

Noah is doing great too. I don’t know what the deal is but his teammates don’t seem to notice him and a few times took the ball away from him. He is giving good hustle and playing aggressively so I’m sure the other kids will give him some space soon enough.
We met yesterday with the new placement specialist. The reason that he wanted to meet with us is that we have been providing respite for his hard to handle kids and he felt that it was important to know who we were. He agreed that there were weird red flags in our homestudy; things that are just worded so wrong. He is going to write another addendum and said that we could do the same, and suggested that if we had some letters of recommendation that would help as well. So, if anyone out there is willing to do that it would be much appreciated. Thanks. Oh, and when you do write your letter I think it would be wise to leave out the bit about my, er, enthusiasm for the children’s sports! :D

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