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Thursday, September 14, 2006

So Gary noticed that our elderly neighbor had some planting to do and he offered to help her out. It took two days to get to the planting because he couldn't lay the weed block until she bought the mulch, couldn't dig the holes until the plants were ready, and couldn't get the plants ready because she had just watered them. She wanted to wait 18 hours exactly from the watering to the planting so he needed to be there at 10am sharp this morning!

He spent 4 hours there working his butt off. He dug new beds, planted these bushes, spread mulch, relocated gutters, you get the point. She asked what she owed him and he said nothing. He did it as a neighbor.

Today I get home and there is a bag with 4 tomatoes in it. "What's up with the tomatoes?" I ask, because we have a whole bowl full of them and only 4 in a bag. He tells me they are from the neighbor, Miss Irene for all his hard work. "So she paid you a tomato an hour?" I ask. "Yes", and if I work really hard tomorrow I might earn a cucumber!"

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